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A great day of fishing from Corinto Port Nicaragua

A great day of fishing from Corinto Port Nicaragua

Las Penitas offers excellent Panga fishing in Nicaragua. The guide can take you out for a great day of Nicaragua fishing for tuna, mackeral, dorado, snapper, rooster fish, Sail Fish, Marlin, and other local species. Just email us when you are interested and we will make all of the necessary arrangements. A half day of fishing will run $200, and is dedicated to closer to shore, going after the tuna, mackerel etc.. The full day trip will run $400, and the guide will take you out to the deep nicaragua fishing waters where you can go after the sail fish and marlin.

These fishing trips can fit about 4 people max in the panga, so you can see it is quite inexpensive when dividing up the cost of the trip with your friends. its also quite exciting to leave the bay in the ealry morning, and make it out through the waves in the early morning! To the north of Las Penitas is Corinto Port. We have a larger boat that we can take you out for a full day of fishing in nicaragua, better comfort than Panga fishing. Send us an email for pricing and booking details. ne of these full day trips is going to run about $600 or more.

At the end of the day, you can keep all of your fish and have them cleaned, or you can give some of the fish to the locals. You might want to take that nice catch back to one of the local restaurants and have them cook up the fish to your liking, grilled, fried, or sashimi! Fishing in Nicaragua is exciting! Put a nicaragua fishing trip on your itinerary when you stop in at las penitas! Finish the day with a relaxing drink on the beach with your new nicaragua fishing friends.

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